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Technology Consulting

Adopting the right technology can fuel smooth business processes and improved customer experience. A smart and informed IT decision can go a long way to save you costs , drive effectiveness and competitiveness.

We bring to our clients table, hands on experience in IT management, planning, decision-making and innovation support even in the most challenging environments.

Our Capabilities

Years of Experience


Years of Experience
Certified Experts


Certified Experts
Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction
Service desk


Service desk

Intelligent enterprises understand that being tech ready is more than buying flashy brand new laptops and a fast internet connection. We can help you reorganize your technology capability from end to end, to make it what it should be: the engine of your success.

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Areas of Focus

Our IT Advisory services include

  • enterprise-3

    Enterprise Applications

    Efficiently manage and control your company’s business functions with software tools & integrated applications like ERPs, CRM, Office 365 etc.

  • cyber-security-red

    IT Security

    Identify threats, deploy strategies and solutions to protect your critical information assets and your staff against unauthorized access.

  • infrastructure-1


    Establishing the right mix of hardware, software, network resources and services required for an efficient enterprise IT environment.

  • cloud-computing

    Cloud Computing

    The delivery of computing services and resources through the “cloud”, you save costs, security is a plus and reliability enables you to be anywhere.

  • digital-transformation

    Digital Transformation

    Amid the rapidly changing 21st business landscape, tap into digital technologies to create and improve existing processes and services.

  • purchase

    Sourcing & Procurement

    Assisting you in getting the best out of IT investments, researching current hardware and software tech offerings, identifying supply chains.


IT Advisory services matter, here is why.

  • Access to true expertise

    Your businesses can access specialized expertise that would otherwise be too expensive to develop and maintain in-house for both on-going and critical support issues.

  • Unlock Tech Potential

    Tech Advisers understand the latest trends in tech and their applications to your business. Discover what new technologies can help you attain competitive advantage.

  • Focus on what matters

    Spending time and effort on daunting Technology issues may leave you helpless and frustrated. IT Advisory relieves you of this task so you can focus on running your business.

  • Efficiency & Cost Cutting

    IT Experts can deliver better, faster and cheaper technology solutions and services often to an order of magnitude greater and efficient than any business can do on their own.

We can step in for you!

As once said by Nokia CEO, “We didn’t do anything wrong“. Transformation can be scary, but not as scary as being left behind and not being able to compete.

ICTPACK Team have always handled our assignments very well, they are proactively
ready to identify options and solutions to our challenges.
Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka, Association of Tanzania Employers