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SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Connect school community with our leading school management system that gives access to all key

DIGITAL Marketing

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PACKSMS ICTPACK SOLUTIONS Ltd aka IPS is a provider of INNOVATIVE ICT solutions and services. Information Technology plays

Law Firm Solutions

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Legal Management Software Practicing LAW requires a smart organization with smart personnel and a smart software tool to

HR Solutions

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INTEGRATED HR SOLUTION We cover a wide spectrum of HR needs with core HR modules, operational HR modules,


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ERP Solutions Grow your business with all-in-one management software. Easy-to-use. No more painful integrations Accounting, Sales, CRM, Project

Data Collection Solution

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DataToolPack Reliable survey platform of choice for tens of thousands of global health workers, surveyors, researchers and development

3CX Phone System

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3CX Phone System Are you still stuck with in the 1950's? With a modern office, here is a

Financial Solutions

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efimas EFIMAS serves Banks, Micro Finance Institutions, Credit Unions, SACCOs, Village Savings Groups, Village Lending Groups, Financial Co-Operatives