Services IctPack Solutions Ltd


We build custom Software for businesses and organizations which are looking to automate their working processes and assist in decision making

Your applications, systems or databases do not have function as separate entities, they should be able to talk to communicate with each other.

Extend your business services and content to mobile devices via apps for end users to consume anytime and anywhere.

Make your business available and accessible anytime and anywhere in and out of office. All you need is a web browser, no complex installations!

Efficiently manage and update content of your websites and web portals without the need for heavy technical assistance.

Secure hosting solutions for websites, web applications, business applications, emails, e-commerce

Let us manage vital IT systems on behalf of your businesse while we advise you how to get best use of information technology to meet your business objectives

Text Message Marketing Services create better relationships with your contacts
Whether you’re sending mobile text messages for marketing alerts, sales events, coupons, discounts,...