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Robust Financial Service Engine for Banks, Micro Finance Institutions, Credit Unions, SACCOs, Village Savings Groups, Village Lending Groups, Financial Co-Operatives and more.

Data Tool Pack (DTP) is a suite of tools for field data collection, data analyzing and reporting for use in any environments.

A suite of business applications including Accounting, Sales, CRM, Project Management, Purchases, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing etc.

LegalPack is the most intuitive case management software for the modern law firm


In a most general approach a payroll represents the total amount of salaries an organization pays to its employees. It is a financial record of the employees’ earnings and deductions.

Connect school community with our leading school management system that gives access to all key partners and stakeholders.

A communication platform for state of the art enterprise voice & video communication for your modern office

SMS has become essential for business communications with the increased number of mobile devices.