Law Firm Solutions

Legal Management Software

Practicing LAW requires a smart organization with smart personnel and a smart software tool to match.
Legal practice & management software designed for a modern day law firm to cut through complexity.

Everything You Need To Run A Law Firm.

LegalPack is a law firm management software that makes it easier for you and your staff to concentrate on practicing law instead of time consuming tasks.

  • Organize Cases and Matters
  • Shared Firm Calendars and Reminders
  • Tasks and To-Dos
  • Contact Management
  • Easy Legal Document Management and Assembly
  • Simple Time and Legal Billing Features
  • Create Professional Invoices

Manage Clients And Contacts

Every client, expert, and business contact is organized in one database and easily available from anywhere with LegalPack cloud-based law practicement management software. Standard contact information plus custom fields allow you to quickly locate a phone number, verify past payments or find the contact. Keep good relationship with clients with LegalPack

Manage Cases And Projects

Keep every important detail organized and easily accessible with LegalPack law practice management tools. LegalPack adapts to any practice area. Finally, software that will work for you!

Manage Documents & Files

Capture, store and manage all the data associated with your matters.
No storage limitations – upload all you want! It’s easy to create a firm library of documents and then share them with your clients.

One of the advantages of cloud law practice management is the ability to store larger amounts of information with little to no latency.

All Your Data Under One Roof

Your business is more transparent with LegalPack. By integrating all your data on the one platform, you can uncover hidden insights – from a client with an unusually low profit margin to a hard-working fee earner. Put simply, having all your data in one place helps you see the big picture and the little details.

Time & Billing Features

Simple time and expense tracking is built into LegalPack. Manage trust accounts and client retainers and create professional PDF invoices that you can share with clients

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