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We cover a wide spectrum of HR needs with core HR modules, operational HR modules, industrial relations modules, strategic HR modules and reporting and analysis modules. Our HR solutions can be easily configured to meet the requirements of any business, be it a multi-national conglomerate or a budding start-up. It forms a solid foundation to your HR department and company.
Employee Info, Leave, Timesheet, Payroll, Recruitment, Performance management, Training and Developement etc..
Payroll, HR Solution, Timesheet, Leave and absence management, talent, training and development, performance management

Future Ready HR Solution!

Our HR system encompasses a structured approach from talent acquisition, nurturing, managing tenure life-cycle, compensation & benefits and smoother employee disengagement. It consists of over 30 functional modules that are seamlessly integrated to enhance visibility, empower decision support and enrich employee engagement. HRMenterprise is encapsulated by world class best-of-breed processes and practices consolidated throughout many years of client associations.


In a most general approach a payroll represents the total amount of salaries an organization pays to its employees. It is a financial record of the employees’ earnings and deductions.
An automated payroll system helps the management of the payroll process of an organization in a more effective manner. It is accurate as an automated payroll system streamlines data entry, thus human error is prevented. It is very efficient; it would process the payroll information fast. It is cost effective. The benefits of an automated payroll system are endless