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ICTPACK SOLUTIONS Ltd aka IPS is a provider of INNOVATIVE ICT solutions and services.

Information Technology plays a dominant role in the growth of modern business and our focus is to facilitate these businesses and organizations leverage information technologies to their competitive advantage. Our solutions are designed to bridge the gap between business and technology. You have the business to run and we have the technology to keep you competitive and running. ICTPACK provides these innovative solutions while building lasting partnerships and ensuring client satisfaction… Read More

Build Real Relationships With Your Customers

Bulk SMS Text Messaging Is Great For

Our SMS Portal gives you power to ease the way you communicate like never before, from;

  • Project management – Improve team communication with text messaging
  • Volunteer management – Text messaging is an easy and affordable way to keep your volunteers informed and prepared for all kinds of events
  • Opt-in marketing campaigns
  • Service pickup or delivery notifications – Send delivery notifications to customers whenever their delivery arrives for a quick and easy way to give updates and good customer service
  • Event invitation – With SMS text messaging software, keeping track of events is easy
  • Emergency alert and escalation processes – Save time and energy during emergencies by sending text messages instead of lengthy phone calls
  • News alerts – Send alerts, updates, and other news to any size contact list to spread messages fast
  • Fast, simple, automatic customer satisfaction surveys


Pack SMS is web based meaning all you need is a web browse and internet.

Are you looking for a tool that

  • Saves the time and cost
  • Allows you send to GROUP SMS to your friends, employees.
  • Gives you the flexibility to send BULK SMS in just a single click
  • Easily operated right from your web browser.

We Make Running Your Business As Easy As Clicking A Button

All you need to do is three simple steps;

1. Create or import phone list

Easily import a list of phone numbers or enter contacts directly into the built-in CRM.

2. Create your interactive message

Simply enter your message and expected responses.

3. Click “Send Now”

That’s it!

Thank you for your interest in IctPack Services. Whatever your inquiry, we will help direct you to the right contact information. Get in touch with one of our Experts to find out how our consulting, technology and outsourcing services can help your organisation transform and perform, and to discuss your business needs in detail.

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