Introducing EFIMAS - Next Generation Financial Inclusion Solution

EFIMAS is a robust core banking platform that helps MFIs to process, track, manage and report on the portfolio of financial services delivered to your clients.

EFIMAS is a robust core banking platform that is delivered via the cloud or hosted on premise. It provides the functionality and scalability to scale horizontally across any form of financial inclusion and vertically for an organization of any size. 

  • Portfolio Management – Innovation and Agility are critical in financial services. Our centralized product configuration engine supports a vast range of credit, deposit, and share-based products for groups, individuals or businesses allowing you to innovate on the fly and rapidly respond to customer demand.
  • Client Management – Owning your relationship with the customer is critical.  The customer account is at center of EFIMAS allowing you to uniquely identify, know, and assess risk of your customer and attach any type of financial service or collect any type of data for them.
  • Business Management – Efficiency and Transparency are vital to your success. EFIMAS provides a robust accounting package that fully integrates with your portfolio and can act as a stand-alone system for your entire general ledger. Pentaho integration provides enterprise-level business intelligence and the ease of creating customized reports.
  • Mobile Delivery & Enablement – The future of financial inclusion is digital and we’re ready to help you go mobile. EFIMAS provides rich set of staff and customer-facing mobile apps for field-based and branchless operations and self-service interactions from your customers. Our robust self-service APIs and web hooks framework allows you to go branchless and rapidly integrate with mobile money and digital financial services.
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