Consultancy and Training

Information Technology should with no doubt improve improve business effectiveness and bring positive results to ways of accomplishing tasks. Along side our innovative solutions, IctPack offers on-demand training and consultancy services in Information Technology and Business related matters. Our objective is to help companies and organisations transform and shape themselves to better adapt to the rapidly changing information age.  Our work is drawn from vast experience both in theory and hands on in various IT services and delivery.


IT Training

We are geared to provide custom IT Training programs on a demand basis. Our training programs are flexible and aimed at bridging gaps in information technology on employees and individuals. Target groups are tech newbies, enthusiasts as well as advanced users who would like to solidify their expertise on specific subject matter.

IT Consultancy

Underperforming IT initiatives hurts businesses alot. It is within this context that we draw upon the need to better align business needs with Information technology. We work with businesses to help them realize more out of their IT investments and for those who are planning to adopt information system we assist them in redesigning of their organisation, decission making and choice of the best  and cost effective IT initiatives that will meet their business needs.


Reseach has shown that 50% of newly adopted IT solutions prove failure and miss required targets in meeting business needs. This is a result of misinformation, lack of research and prior planning. In the end most organisation end up loosing alot of money and time either going off for another alternative solution or incurring heavily on the alread present system to support the never ending implementation cycles and changes. Our advise is that you do not rush to contracting a systems developer or buying an off-the shelf solution no matter how sweet the words of the salesman are. Start first by talking to experts about your subject matter and get professional advise on way forward about the investment you are abou to make.  


IctPack consultants are ready to take you through this vital stage of decission making. Are you an organisation or business looking to supplement or empower their business processes with state of the art IT initiatives, then you are in the right place; start now by contacting us with your inquiries here.