Bulk SMS and SMS Marketing


SMS marketing is a relatively new avenue to keep in touch with your customers that very few business are currently taking advantage of. Over 95% of received SMS are read within 6 seconds of receipt and consumers prefer this type of communication as compared with e-mail marketing. Mobile advertising has become an effective marketing tool and SMS provides just the right medium to take advantage of. 

Why use our SMS as a Marketing Tool?

  • Every mobile phone ever made has SMS functionality, therefore you have a 99.999% available target.
  • 95% of all messages are read, either meaningful or meaningless. 
  • It is fast, convenient and delivery and receipt to your target is guaranteed.
  • Target groups are mobile and are the last line of contact so they are reached directly.
  • Create and send customised messages to any number of recipients on the comfort of your personal computer or smartphone.
  • Available anytime, anywhere on the go, no need to top us balance/voucher. Just a web browser and internet connection and we will handle the rest.

Bulk SMS for what?

Possibilities with SMS are endless and limitless, you can;

  • Send reminders for events, payments & appointments.
  • Send offers and discounts to bring customers to you.
  • Introduce new products and services to your customers.
  • Send emergency updates quickly at the last minute.
  • Gather information from target communities at once.
  • Send greetings and messages to friends and family.

Who can use Our Sms service ?

  • Small and Large Businesses.
  • Government Entities.
  • NGOs and Social Groups.
  • Schools/Higher Education.
  • Event Planners (weddings, functions, seminars).
  • Religious Groups.
  • Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs.
  • Individuals.

Our Solution

We present a fantastic opportunity to businesses that have a list of clients they can text coupons, product releases and campaigns, advertisements or offers to. We offer an integrated SMS advertising platform that provides businesses with an effective mechanism to run Mobile Advertising Campaigns. PackSMS from IctPack Solutions is a cloud/web based SMS platform that enables you to effectively send and receive massive amounts of messages to and from your target audience with just the ease of a web browser. Managing your contacts has gotten even much easier via numerous export/import options available. The interface is clean and intuitive to facilitate easy navigation and accesibilty of features.

Imagine if you were a restaurant owner/manager having a particularly quiet Saturday night, you could text your list a coupon for 20% off their bill, good for the next 2 hours. This time great deal, coupled with the time restraint should be enough to drum up some business.Once you have a decent size list you will have a very powerful marketing tool at your fingertips – the ability to communicate with & give offers to your client base whenever you like.

How can you manage your account?

Signing up for PackSMS with us means you get access to your own web account with the following capabilities

  • We provide you with one account for All sms services.
  • Send Quick messages, to one or many contacts.
  • Send Professional messages.
  • Customize your brand or Business name as the sender ID.
  • Access Draft messages.
  • See your message log. and their past message status e.g pending, delivered,
  • Export  sms reports in Excel or CVS format. and much more.

Check out PackSMS a web based proffesional SMS platform that has changed the way we use SMS. Click here to see PackSMS.